Clear Braces

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Clear braces offer the results of braces, without wearing braces. The systems is a series of custom-molded clear trays that guide teeth into proper alignment. Clear trays are virtually invisible when worn, and are removable for mealtimes and cleaning. It’s a discreet, convenient, modern alternative to traditional metal braces that are attached for months or years.

Clear braces are a safe and effective method of straightening teeth for both adults and children without the look or encumbrance of metal braces and brackets. The clear braces process involves a series of clear aligners which are custom designed for each patient and replaced every two weeks. Clear braces aligners are virtually invisible, comfortable, and easy to remove. Clear braces retainers are removed during activities such as eating, drinking, brushing and flossing, making oral hygiene easier to maintain than with traditional braces which remain in the mouth.

Treatment with Clear braces generally takes from 6- 18 months, and cost is comparable to that of most other cosmetic orthodontic treatments. With clear braces, you can smile confidently during and after your treatment.